Anger Of Sticks Installation Guide For PC

When I talk or think about mobile platform games, one game that directly comes to my mind as the anger of sticks. It is developed to be played on Android devices and other smart phone also. This game is similar and resemble like a doodle runner as the main character in this game is a doodle. No doubt the game is totally different from the doodle runner in all facets.

Anger Sticks

The game delivers an extra vagrant playful line that will certainly make you unavailable for the tangible world for hours and days. The game is not at all officially available for windows and window as operating device. Hence you find very difficult to play this game on PC and laptops too. But there is a simple y by which you can simply run this game on PC also.

Whenever we talk about fighter games, anger of sticks can’t lag behind. It is one game that is rather interesting and is played all over the globe. This game will virtually indulge you into a mortal combat and violent runs.The main aim of this game is that you want to be in the forest run. Then this game can be included both in combat and endless running game category.

Hence, when you take on this game, you will discover it rather hard to pass on this game, the game ends when you are dragged by the opponents till your HP is depleted. Racing game lovers can install asphalt 8 game on PC. It is one of the most addictive racing game to date.

When we let the cat out of the bag about the powers of the game the game has got high build up forces. Their powers will cost you some credits. Whenever you flush down one enemy, you receive one credit in the game. Only this seems very UN thoughtful, as it will bring you a lot of time and you accept to wipe out heaps of enemies to pick up coins.

The powers of the game can be simple like you bring a sword and it can reach to a high level when you acquire a rocket catapult. As far as the modes of the game are concerned, there are two modes you find in the game.

One is the compact mode and another is in running mode. The running mode is further subdivided, whether you desire to move vertically or horizontally. Plying can be reckoned as a bonus mode as you gather a bunch of coins while running. But since this game is not launched officially for PC or Mac book, users find it difficult to run it on PC. It is not so in reality.

Then, all you require to set up an Android emulator on your PC which allows the android app to run on PC and laptops. You can apply the same emulator to play this interesting game on your Mac as well. There are many emulators which are used to run these android games on PC but so far bluestack is the most common.


Installing this game seems quite difficult, but it is quite easy. All you need to do is to follow these steps.

  1. Install bluestack on your PC
  2. Run bluestack and open the search tool in bluestack to search for anger of sticks in the play store itself.
  3. When you find this app, install this application on your PC or laptop.
  4. Wait for some time after you do it.
  5. After installation is over, open the application in the app list of bluestack itself.
  6. Enjoy this app and start chatting with your friends.

Anger of sticks is a pretty addictive game. Do not forget to try out other android games mentioned on our blog.

The Best iPad 3 Apps – Get Even More Out Of Your New iPad

The iPad 3 is out and stealing peoples’ hearts all over the world with its stunning Retina Display, powerful A5x processor and superfast 4G connectivity. But no matter what brand or how powerful a tablet is, it is the associated apps that make the tablet even more appealing to the users. Here we will look at some of the best apps currently available for the new iPad.

Best iPad 3 Apps

Safari Browser – Surf At Lightning Speed

The stock browser for iOS devices just got another makeover. The Safari available for iPad 3 is the fastest version till date. It is even faster than many other mobile browsers available in the market. With the features to open tabs in background, block ads and pictures from webpages during reading their contents and quick touch access to history, this is one of the best iPad 3 apps available currently.

iPhoto – Capture And Edit

The newest member in the iLife apps family, iPhoto is a photo editing software for iPad 3 that has already captured many peoples’ hearts. With iPhoto, performing beginner and intermediate level edits on your clicked pictures is fun and easy. Innovative brushes tool allows red eye reduction, transparency change and many other effects. Works seamlessly with photos imported from the iPhone.

iMovie – Professional Like Movies On Your iPad

Another member of the iLife Apps family, iMovie has been around for a few years now. For iPad 3, Apple has made the new iMovie version Retina Display compatible. This fun app allows editing the videos you capture to create and add effects, create trailers etc. There are many options that you can play with to create that perfect home movie.

QuickOffice Pro HD – The Best Office For Tablets

Another Retina Display application, the award winning QuickOffice app is the best mobile office solution so far. It can recognize all the universal MS Office file formats. Importing and editing documents, excel sheets and presentations are a breeze with QuickOffice. Recently acquired by Google, it offers cloud storage facility with supports for to Dropbox, and Google Docs.

Kindle – Read Your Retinas Out

It is the free app from Kindle that is used for reading books, magazines, news or any other reading content on iPad. Kindle uses Whispersync feature to make reading a unique experience and now it is optimized for Retina Display providing clear and sharper.

Skype – Continue The Chat Over Your iPad

Everyone’s favorite video chat application, Skype, works perfectly on iPad3 and supports connection over WiFi. The Retina Display enhances the video quality during chats even more.

Netflix – The Online Movie Store For Your iPad 3

Netflix app is also designed to be compatible with Retina Display and provides the users a huge selection of online movies to rent and watch. This is one of the most popular apps of iPad3 so far due to the video quality Retina Display produces when playing HD videos.

There are over 200,000 apps available for the new iPad from the iTunes store. Some are free, some are paid and many contribute towards your iPad 3 experience in an overwhelmingly positive way. These are just a few of them that have been popular among existing users but there are tons more out there for you to explore. Happy iPadding!