TNPSC Group 2 Model Question Papers With Answer 2017 And 2018:

Are you a TNPSC group 2 student and going to appear for the exams in the year 2017? Do you know that the group 2 exams for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission are about to be conducted in December? There isn’t much time, and the exam is almost nearing.

TNPSC Group 2 Model Question Papers With Answer 2017 And 2018

In this situation, every TNPSC Group 2 Aspirant is in need for a model question paper to prepare well to appear for the exams with greater confidence and to clear the exams in a single attempt with a higher score. If you are also one among them, I am here going to provide you the list of model question papers from TNPSC coaching centre in Chennai for both English and Tamil Languages.

The model question papers given here are in PDF format and be sure to take a look at the exam pattern of the preliminary and main exam before downloading the model question papers presented here. Since the preliminary exam of Group 2 and Group 2A have the same syllabus, the candidates of both the Groups can use these model question papers to prepare for their exams.

As we all know, the TNPSC Group 2 exam has two stages of written exams in the recruitment process, one is the Preliminary exam and the other is the Mains exam. Every candidates of TNPSC Group 2 have to clear both of these exams to be able to attend the interview to get the desired Group 2 post.

Model Test No. Model Question Name Download Details
1 General Tamil Test – 1 Download
2 General Tamil With General Studies (Radian IAS Academy) Download
3 General English With General Studies (Radian IAS Academy) Download
4 General Tamil With General Studies (Appolo Study Center) Download
5 General English With General Studies (Appolo Study Center) Download
6 General Tamil Question Paper (Vidiyal Coaching Center) Download
7 6th Standard Tamil Download
8 7th Standard Tamil Download
9 8th Standard Tamil Download
10 9th Standard Tamil Download
11 10th Standard Tamil Download
12 12th Standard Tamil Download


Benefits Of Preparing Using Model Question Papers:

There are many advantages of preparing using model question papers for your exams that are formulated by one of the top institutes for TNPSC group 2 coaching in Chennai. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It help you to understand and estimate the time taken to answer for each of the questions.
  • It also helps you to know the total number of questions in a section.
  • Similarly it also helps to identify the number of choices given for each of the exams.
  • It helps you to identify the style of the exam’s questions (multiple choice questions, short answers, or essays)
  • It also helps you to practice great exam techniques to solve the questions in a simpler way.

Safety Tips To Self Balancing Scooter Users

Nowadays a most of the people have a passion for owning the self-balancing scooter because it is simple to Ride, Stylish and easy to carry. People should buy the best self balancing scooter after analyzing the reviews and comments.

Safety Tips To Self Balancing Scooter Users

After, purchased the self-balancing scooter people should aware of the safety riding because when it was an initial stage or beginner of this scooter it is a little bit hard to control and people might slip on the floor.

The safety equipment and safety tips will help them to prevent any injuries. Here are the safety tips should be followed when driving the scooter.

  • Before the start, scooter people should wear the Helmet, Elbow, Wrist and Knee guards.
  • Prefer the area which has more space to ride because if you practice in the small room, there is a chance to get disturbed with an object. Look around for any sharper things like Knife, Glasses and take care of those things.
  • Shipping can affect the calibration of the scooter so check before start riding with your scooter. How to test your board? First, check the wheels are spin if not do the below steps,
  • Keep the hoverboard on the surface then turn off the power. Long Press the power button until getting the beep sound.
  • Scooter will be ready when the flashlight is turned on. This method will solve the wheels are do not spin and hoverboard shakes.
  • A lot of people make a mistake on step off from the hover board. They have an excitement to ride the new scooter without thinking of how to step off from the hoverboard.
  • Most of the injuries happen during the step off because the people doesn’t know how to step off from the board properly this will leads to the accident.
  • People can easily step off from the board by step backward, by automatically the board will stop when you step backward and land safely without any injuries.
  • Getting Started

  • Before start the scooter people should turn on the board, Some models of the scooter have an option to turn off automatically, It is better to check before start a board.
  • People must place one foot on the board and start to lean the forward and backward to check how the board will responding. Place another foot on the board people will get a tense up.
  • It is like a walk in the staircase hold on the breath and starts to enjoy the riding. When it was the initial stage, it happens for all the people but day by day people will make fun on their riding.
  • Placing the feet wider on the board is a help to give balance for the people and keep the leg closer to the wheels as much as possible. This will leads you to prevent from flipping.
  • Posture is the important while travel on the self-balancing scooter. People should not bend their knees and stand straight without bond will help the proper riding.